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The following news articles, editorials, and commentaries are here to provide, you, our website visitor, with salient information and perspective when assessing Washington state’s “Hirst / Capital Budget” dilemma.

WSGWA Must Remain Visible to our Legislators Across Washington State

This year, our legislative presence will be vital. Our industry faces “special interest group” and “greater government” push/pull processes that necessitate our continual awareness, mindfulness, and diligence.

It’s a fact, to protect our industry today and tomorrow, all of us need to be visible constituents within Washington’s all-important annual legislative process.

Working with legislators to protect citizen ground water rights.

Working with legislators
to protect citizen ground water rights.

Your Ongoing Participation is VITAL

Remember our association’s huge legislative accomplishment during 2006. It’s essential that our Legislators don’t just witness our presence when we’re making a specific request or attempting to pass legislation on our behalf. Being involved in Washington’s legislative process is vital toward enhancing your odds toward the long-term prosperity of your business.

Our District Legislators understand the validity of our work and its economic importance to Washington State’s vibrant rural living environment when we visit with them to express our mutual industry concerns and share salient information.

This is your special day to carry out this vital industry task.

Legislative Links

Washington State Legislature, www.leg.wa.gov
Find your Legislators, search for a bill, committee calendar, information, and more.

TVW – Public Affairs Network, www.tvw.org
Unedited coverage of state government deliberations

Important Legislation

As a ground water industry professional, you are a valuable asset to your state legislator in helping to protect citizen ground water rights. If you are not yet a member, join now. Members, contact us for more information.