Washington State Groundwater Association

Membership Benefits

By joining together, our members improve their ability to meet business challenges. Washington State Ground Water Association (WSGWA) promotes the logical and orderly development, use, and conservation of Washington state’s ground water. One of the many protective measures we helped to bring about to protect the state’s most valuable natural resource, our ground water, we helped to initiate legislative action to license drilling contractors as a step toward optimum construction of wells.

Experts agree that while businesses of all sizes receive benefits from their membership dues, many more benefits result from joining together to rise to the challenge to protect our ground water.

Membership Benefits

  • CEU accredited driller and pump installer education
  • Discounted registration for continuing education (CEU) seminars
  • Discounted registration for Washington state annual convention
  • Membership directory listing (printed and online)
  • Networking opportunities with ground water professionals
  • Legislative lobbying and monitoring
  • Up-to-date news on legislative and industry happenings
  • Formal opportunities to meet with your state legislators
  • Access to the latest product technologies
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Support referrals
  • Industry support
  • Scholarships
  • Valuable industry resources
  • Links to state agencies
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Recognition as a professional in the ground water industry

Membership Eligibility

Ground water professionals, including drilling and pump contractors, employee-drillers and pump installers, manufacturers and suppliers, technical associates, and others interested in the ground water industry.

Founding Principles

In 1947 our founders set down these ideas as the backbone of our association:

  • To bring Washington’s well drilling contractors into a relationship of mutual helpfulness and cooperation.
  • To collect from and disseminate to its members information and ideas promoting their general welfare.
  • To put the well drilling business in the state of Washington on a scientific and efficient business basis.

National Affiliation

Washington State Ground Water Association is an affiliate member of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). The NGWA program provides services and products, industry support, and communication to strengthen the relationship and impact on the ground water industry.

Persons in the ground water industry may belong to both the Washington State Ground Water Association and the national association, or they may belong only to their state association or only to the national association.

Why Join WSGWA?

Among nature’s substances, only water, properly used, amortizes its own cost and creates new wealth along the way. Said simply, nothing, including civilization, starts or continues without water. We need one another to assure its preservation for the present and future generations.

Become a Member

Complete and submit your membership application today to join your fellow ground water professionals in strengthening Washington’s ground water industry.

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