Washington State Groundwater Association

Attention: New Pump Installers License

For Washington’s Domestic Well Water & Irrigation Pumping Systems Industry


Greatly improved and streamlined Pump Installers Legislation (SSB 6225) that applies to our industry statewide, was recently signed into law by Governor, Christine Gregoire, on March 24th 2006.

What Does This Mean To You?

Your new Pump Installers License will – at last – combine the plumbing and electrical certification that’s needed by pump installers, into one single certification requirement. It will also combine the Electrical Contractor’s Licensing and Plumbing Contractor Registration into one single registration.

The simplified breakthrough legislation comes after 10 years of diligent effort made by the members of the Washington State Ground Water Association. In fact, this benchmark Legislation has already received industry-wide acknowledgement from the National Ground Water Association and the Worldwide Drilling Resource news publications.

Your new Pump Installers License will contain a unique “Grandfather Feature” – based upon prior industry experience. It will be self-contained as one single license and bond… significantly less than the very cumbersome 4 licenses and 2 bonds previously required. Moreover, continuing education units (CEU’s) will become more closely aligned to our industry’s scope of work.

Bottom line… numerous advantages will be realized that can positively impact your business.

You Will Benefit By Remaining Informed

During the remainder of 2006, the Washington State Ground Water Association will be actively participating in the all-important Washington State Department of Labor and Industries rulemaking process in order to effectively implement the new Pump Installers License regulation.

This rulemaking process will impact your business for years to come. Therefore, you will want to remain apprised of our rulemaking progress in order to maximize the significant advantages contained in the new Pump Installers License.